Florida Blue See All


In 2012 UNO launched a program for Florida Blue that called for our agents to qualify prospective customers via inbound live voice support, outbound voice interested customer follow up, e-mail and chat response methodologies and pass them on to a licensed agent for finalization of the sales process. Since launching the program our success has created additional opportunities for expansion in our scope of responsibilities. In 2013 UNO added a team of licensed agents to work in conjunction with the internal licensed agent team at Florida Blue and their contracted support partners to finalize the sales process for the customers that we are qualifying for them.

There are multiple steps involved in the process. Our agents make outbound calls, take inbound calls or respond to e-mails or chats from interested potential customers that we are required to pre-screen for qualification purposes prior to passing them on to a licensed agent either via warm transfer or through a calendar based scheduling platform.

Once the potential qualified customer reaches our team of licensed agents our focus shifts to that of a closer where we identify the product that best fits the customer’s needs and use features and benefits along with the value equation to finalize the sales process.


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