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Parago is a leading provider of end-to-end management solutions for consumers, sales channel and employees. They provide comprehensive marketing services and program design, robust SaaS technology platforms, extensive in-country reward portfolios and international fulfillment.

Parago delivers more than $2 (USD) Billion in rewards every year, engages 50 million consumers, two million channel participants and more than a million employees on behalf of their clients every year, in 220 countries. Their clients include more than 300 retailers, manufacturers and service providers that are among the largest and most respected brands in the world.
Business situation
To service Verizon, a Parago client, in their effort to validate the employment of all existing customers currently receiving an employee discount there was a requirement to employ a customer engagement center to manage the inbound traffic generated from their marketing efforts. The chosen partner would be required to facilitate communications across multiple disciplines including live voice, e-mail and chat response methodologies.

Forecasts for contact volumes were difficult to lock down as there was no historical data to rely upon and consequently the chosen partner(s) would need to be agile in their response times and creative in their preparation efforts.

As the client was originally preparing to launch this program there was an established “Go Live” date that would allow for an extended vendor selection and preparedness process. However, during this phase of the launch it was discovered that their client had launched the marketing efforts earlier than anticipated shortening the timeline to first call. We received a call from the client informing us of the escalated time frame and requesting that we be ready to go live in ten days.


Understanding what the client was dealing with we were able to approach the situation knowing that we needed to prepare to scale rapidly and work with them to manage an ever changing call volume. Knowing that our time to launch had changed from four weeks to ten days we were able to expedite our process and have each phase working simultaneously in order to meet the expectation.
There was an extensive amount of detail that needed to be in place for this program as it required integration with multiple secured client proprietary systems at each work station; an extensive amount of customized reports with varying delivery methodologies and timelines; and a five day training process for agents.
Complicating matters further was the fact that our technical infrastructure, at that point, did not require us to manage our desk top security to the level required by this client. So, we did not employ a Domain Server or a Web Filter. These items had to be procured, installed and programmed within the timeline that we were already managing.
Our IT team was able to work in coordination with the client’s designated resource to ensure that our tech environment passed the client audit and was in place prior to the start of training.
Simultaneously our recruiting efforts were in force to allow us to hire 25 qualified candidates and have them prepared for training in time to meet the launch window.
During the initial training class for this client as it became clear that their original call volume expectations were considerably off the client came to us and asked what our further capacity was for additional headcount. At time we had an additional 20 available work stations with room to grow more provided as needed. They contracted the additional 20 available stations and asked us to prepare for more, quickly.
As a result of the client need we immediately re-launched our recruiting efforts and successfully filled the additional 20 seats by the following week. All agents were successfully completing training and migrating into a live work environment.
Still well behind the required capacity numbers for effective call management the client leaned heavily on us to continue to grow. Our teams were fully dedicated to this opportunity and it saw our IT team purchasing and adding work stations, our recruiters bringing in qualified candidates and our trainers running two classes simultaneously…one during the day and the other in the evening in order to meet the client demand.
Over the course of the next ten weeks we went from an original anticipation of 25 agents to manage an inbound voice project Monday through Friday for one shift to a maximum size of 140 agents managing an inbound voice, e-mail and chat support project seven days a week across two full shifts.


We were able to meet our client’s needs with a level of agility that they said that they had never encountered across all of their collective experiences and were able to help them stabilize a program and meet their client’s demands.
Products and services your company used
Baracuda Web Filter – Purchased, Installed and Programmed
HP Domain Server – Purchased, Installed and Programmed with client defined white list and agent profiles required for workstation security
HP Voice Aggregator – Purchased, Installed and Programmed
COX Communications – Increased bandwidth
UNSi – Installed a microwave delivered bandwidth solution for redundancy fail over
Connect First – Worked with our cloud based ACD provider to create customized reporting deliverables to meet client requirements


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